Jessie Lumb and myself creating some XL sculptures


Pre surf painting adventure at Mutton Bird Beach near Albany


A nice old Albany poster


Post surfing painting adventures at Mutton Bird Beach, Albany


hms yacht

Tarp Mary

Tarp Mary


An older work Bowl Morpher, re worked for Mount Barker with a radical new cardboard/duct tape frame awesomely crafted by Jessie Lumb


Collaborating with Bradley Lay for Mount Barker, simultaneous making with the same materials on jetties in Adelaide and Albany


Surfing Painting Experiment Ocean Beach

Surfing Painting Experiment Ocean Beach


Mick and Sandy O’Doherty, travelled around the country in a painted up Holden Monaro and caravan for nearly five years hosting art workshops around the form of the Monaro and cultural identity! tarpspace and I were very grateful to collaborate with Mic and for the many great hot tips for the open road from Mic and Sandy!


Corrisande was a lovely lady making very colourful candles at the Boat Shed Markets in Albany. I asked Corrisande if she would do an orange and blue commission! She answered she would give it a go but didn’t like the chances. One week later Corrisande came up to me with a very big smile, explaining she had a very productive week in the candle studio five am finishes most nights. Corrisande created me this amazing bad boy and also a whole new process of candle making using different shape and colour combinations!


The Monaro show workshop was based around the starting point of a simple Monaro shaped clay compression mould. There were thousands made around Australia by a wide range of people from professional artists, remote communities, pre-school students to people in Jail. This one was made by a fella in the last few years of a life, while on a life jail sentence. It is two Monaros touching at the base, made into a kettle to signify family, the spikes representing an undesirable family life.

Costume and Canvas

Exciting new materials for costume, caves and canvas



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